Thursday, 30 March 2017

Progress With Unity Podcast #202: Newcastle and Ipswich previews

My fellow Ticspeople! While you're sucking ice cream from a dripping cone on a deck chair in sunniest Benalmadina, spare a thought for those poor Wigan Athletic footballers suffering extra training sessions in the pouring Rainford* rain.

There ain't no warm weather training while Uncle Barra's bookin' the flights! Mostly because he can't get through to Ceefax Holidays** - all he can access at their number is a premium rate answer machine for 8008335-chat. Don't tell Sharpy, but his entire holiday budget has been spent on said hotline.

*Yeah, I know they actually train in Chorley but it's harder to make witty precipitation-based quips about Euxton.
** Ceefax Holidays never actually existed. Just thought I'd point that out.


0:00 Suspiciously edited intros (extra STEAMy)
2:30 Reluctant relegation run-in prediction pool
10:00 Preparing those point deduction campaigns
12:00 Newcastle preview with cringe-worthy form guide
16:00 Si's Oddschecker - numbers still upsetting
20:00 The Great Escape is on! But only if Wigan beat Newcastle...
22:00 Ipswich preview with Beanbag Beamback chat & predictions
27:00 Smashing League One with Super Matty Gilks (and Dan Burn)

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