Friday, 28 July 2017

Progress With Unity Podcast #209: Liverpool, Southport & Notts County reviews

Unfortunately, Progress With Unity has returned for another season. Unfortunately, you're about to suffer another ten months of bad predictions and poorly written jokes. And unfortunately, you're stuck with the same dodgy flavour text writer. (I promise to be more relevant this year.)

This 'Lazarus' edition covers eight weeks of sporadic footballing action, managerial shuffles and people claiming they'd never heard of any of our new signings.

To those guys, I say this: you hadn't heard of Ben Watson 20 years ago. Mark my words - you'll certainly know all about 18-year old left midfielder Randman Horsenburger-Smythe III by this time next year...

0:00 Intros to the 2017/18 season
2:00 Cook in, Barra' out
4:30 Latics v Liverpool review: 'surprisingly good'
7:00 Cheer up, Peter Reid's a coaching consultant
10:00 New keepers: 'as long as they have hands...'
13:00 'Every player is for sale' - Power, Morsy, Grigg to be cast aside?
27:00 League 1 top scorer odds & Odelusi gone!
32:00 Quiz of the Week: How much do you know about the new dudes?
34:00 League 1 Oddschecker & 90 Second News
38:00 Warning: non-football chat! And bridge graffiti review