Thursday, 29 August 2013

Progress With Unity Podcast #52: Middlesbrough review, Nottingham Forest preview

The Progress With Unity Podcast team reconvene at Beech Hill Dog Track for another week of complaining about referees! Did you expect anything less of the English Football League? Never mind, at least we're top of the eco-efficiency list.

In the studio this week: Barry, Dan, Greg, Gareth, Rob, Mick and Paul T

Image (c)Jan Eduard

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Progress With Unity Podcast #51: Bournemouth review, Middlesbrough preview

By popular demand, a bite sized edition awaits the Progress With Unity Wigan Athletic Podcast fanatic this week. On location once more, we report live from the South Stand Bar and the Boston Stand, which may or may not be the one pictured above. I dunno, I'm usually watching the match rather than the terraces.

Background noise isn't necessarily a problem, though that depends on your fondness for the music of Jackie Wilson.

In the South Stand Bar this week: Barry, Gareth, Rob and Dan.

Also, please don't kill me for posting a rugby picture. Kill me for continually fluffing my lines and feigning coherence for nigh on a year now.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Progress With Unity Podcast #50: Man United review, Bournemouth and Doncaster preview

Hmm, did something happen at the weekend? Oh right, there was some friendly or other at Wembley. I forgot because by and large Wigan forgot to bring along their game with the Thermos and four pack of cucumber sandwiches.

But the Progress With Unity Wigan Athletic Podcast team aren't here to dwell on past inglories. Two tough Championship games in the form of Bournemouth and Doncaster beckon, so this certainly is no time to start sulking. To the bananamobile!

Around the table this week: Barry, Mick, Greg, Dan, Rob and Gareth.

Image (c)Daniel Kruczynski

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Progress With Unity Podcast #49: Barnsley review, Man United preview

Last week Barnsley, this week Wembley stadium... again. Is it all just a dream from which we have yet to wake up? Probably, but let's enjoy it while it lasts. Sunday presents a perfect opportunity to do the Wembley double over Manchester, so bring it on!

Around the table this week: Barry, Rob, Greg, Mick, Dan and Gareth

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Progress With Unity Podcast #48: Pre-season review, Barnsley preview

Roberto who? Oh dangit, I've blown it already. But give it a few weeks and we'll have all erased the spectre of last season's relegation from our minds... or be calling for Owen (Columba) Coyle's head. See, it's all rather exciting again, isn't it?

Barnsley await on Saturday - what will happen? I don't think even Derek Acorah knows.

Back for a second season: Barry, Rob, Paul T, Greg, Dan and Gareth