Thursday, 9 March 2017

Progress With Unity Podcast #199: Blackburn and Birmingham reviews, Bristol City preview

When searching for M People's proverbial hero, you were looking at Omar Bogle, weren't you? Or maybe Gabriel Obertan, perhaps even Mickey Jacobs or Bilbo Grigg.

But Danny Burn? Nah, nobody expected him. The man everyone hated until the real scapegoats made themselves known. The man whose "feet can't keep up with his knees". The man with the Marty McFly haircut (above).

So for once, I'm going to say it without fear of my flavour text writing career being destroyed: I am a Dan Burn fan and proud of it. It is up to you, society, to deal with that.


0:00 Forfeit intros (with hat eating)
1:00 Blackburn review: 'the ref was alright'
4:00 'Pathetic', 'same old crap'
11:00 Birmingham review: effective game management
14:00 Obertan the New Yanic & hoping for a Joycey change of pants heart
21:00 Latics bottom of the home form table
26:00 PWU listener question of the week: which games have Wigan played well in?
33:00 Bristol City preview: no innuendos allowed
35:00 Predictions: pigeon to score & Barry's Oddschecker (40:00)
43:00 AOB: Female Fans' Forum, Beambacks & well timed trumps

The Ultimate Fartwatch: 9:5, 45:10

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