Thursday, 29 December 2016

Progress With Unity Christmas Quiz 2016

 Clue: quiz does not contain Donervon or Yanic.

Four years ago, Progress With Unity hosted a gala Christmas function complete with snacks, flimsy party hats and a Latics-themed quiz. It was attended by many prominent figures in the Wigan Athletic community… and Mr Barry Worthington.

But that was over in the positively archaic Studio 1. This year’s PWU do took place in a genuine Swedish sauna… round the back of the Book Cycle. Yeah, I never knew it was there until the party either! Funny how I didn’t even think to look before now.

See if you can beat our expert panellists with this test of your Wigan Athletic knowledge. Questions provided by All Gone Latics ‘journos’ Dan and Liam, so you can direct any inaccuracies squarely at their moping mushes.

How did you do? 

1-3 points: Alright there, Coyley?

3-6 points: Have yourself an extra helping of meat an’ tater this New Year.

6-9 points: You’re better at this than I am.

9+ points: Cheater! I’m going to revoke your Google access. 😛

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Progress With Unity Podcast #189: Ipswich review, Rotherham preview

"A fair tackle." -- Officials

Diego Maradona punching past Peter Shilton in the '86 World Cup Final: legal. Thierry Henry placing the ball at his feet before scoring the goal that dumped Ireland out of the 2010 World Cup Qualifiers: legal.

Branislav Ivanovic gut busting Shaun Maloney just seconds before Chelsea broke to score a winning goal... which was offside: all above board and ratified.

Keith Stroud awarding a penalty against Dan Burn just for existing: you'd better believe that stood up in a footballing court of law (unlike that attacker stumbling into the penalty area).

Conclusion: football is utter nonsense, so for 2017 I shall be switching to competitive kerb-ball. And that, dear reader, is your Christmas present!


0:00 Apologetic intros LIVE from Sweden
2:00 Ipswich review with BUMPER Xmas stats & injury report
7:00 Burn's Safety Matches & the Joyce of Christmas
11:00 Fog trotting: grounds for abandonment?
13:00 Yanic's last Xmas at Latics... perhaps
16:00 PWU Highlights & Lowlights (22:00) of 2016
26:00 The Positives Section, BECK by popular demand
27:00 Rovrum preview: 'we have to win'
30:00 Apprehensive Derby and Huddersfield mini-previews
34:00 Merry Christmas and a Happy New Beer from PWU!

Thursday, 15 December 2016

Progress With Unity Podcast #188: Aston Villa review, Newcastle and Ipswich previews

Contrary to the first two teams in the post subject, it certainly isn't Premier League Week here at PWU. Get with the times! We're in 1996 already, geez.

Unseasonably mild evenings offer the perfect opportunity for an al fresco edition of Peedubya live from the burger van outside the South Stand. Yep, we literally stood around in a circle with a voice recorder while the wind blew through our ears.

(Well, *I* didn't because I was stuck in a traffic jam outside KFC.)

Our resident podcast editor has applied noise removal techniques, but sadly could not do anything about the rubbish spewing from our mouths. Hwahaha!


0:00 Outside broadcast intros
1:00 Bus parking tips for Villa Park (Aston Villa review)
3:00 Griggsy is back!
6:00 The Road to Wembley 2017: FA Youth Cup
10:00 Welcome to Wigan, Sky Television, & Ipswich thoughts
15:00 Hypothesis Corner: Three consecutive draws - points gained or lost?
19:00 Post match musings: Kellett, Caldwell tactics, bring on Ipswich

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Progress With Unity Podcast #187: Derby review, Aston Villa and Newcastle previews

Short on time? That's a convenient coincidence, because we have just the gimmick for you. Starting this week, your flavour text writer will be providing one-sentence summaries of the PWU episode(s) in question. And this week, that sentence is:

"Warren Joyce lost his pants."

There ya go - now you don't even need to listen! But I'm still going to write timecodes to cover the unlikely event that you have over 30 seconds but less than 2 minutes to spare.

Only kidding, I haven't even listened to this episode yet. Let me know what happens, will ya?


0:00 Twilight Zone intros
0:30 Derby deconstruction with Si's softly spoken Off The Terrace report (1:30)
3:00 Grigg or Gomez? Yanic or Davies? Shorts or trousers?
8:00 First half painful, second half gainful(ish)
10:30 "It's all your fault, Marcus Wildschut"
17:30 FA Cup draw: 'a load of balls'
20:00 Aston Villa preview: Brucey's Frustration Game
23:00 Si's Oddschecker and mildly apprehensive predictions (apprehensictions?)
30:00 Stephen Warnock: Superstar Centre Forward
33:00 Newcastle preview & super-apprehensive predictions (superapprehensictions?)
40:00 10 in 10: televised tat or tanfastic treats? And 'when Latics were the best in Europe'

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Progress With Unity Podcast #186: Huddersfield review, Derby preview

"Three large salads, you say? Who orders salad from McFellaini's?!"

Hypocrisy, hmm? To those who claim your small time internet flavour text writer had been brainwashed by the Roberto and Caldwell Co., I say this: you're darn right. And goodness knows it needed a thorough scrub, because there was some *really* mucky stuff at the back of that brain.

While I won't write about Calds again (probably), I'll continue to reference the 'Martinez fallacy' (possession does not always equal success) ad infinitum.

In other words, PWU welcomes its new shorts-wearing, Owdum accented, (possibly) Bovril-swilling, mega defensive overlord... with a great big custard pie to the face!

Only kidding - he can have all the Victoria sponge in my pantry if he keeps feeding it to Yanic.


0:00 Introductory tributes
2:00 Huddersfield review with misleading stats and Si's beaming Off The Terrace thingy (3:00)
8:00 Eleven points from the top 6 now #PlayoffsByXmas
10:00 Penalty falsehoods?
16:00 Defenders and goalies moonlighting as centre forwards & MacDonald's yellow card mystery
26:00 Davey Whelan's 3D printed chocolate statue surprise
28:00 RAMbling Derby preview (hah) with Statman's fat stat pack (29:30)
30:00 Derby predictions and Si's Outsider Oddschecker (33:00) 
35:00 Strikers returning to the starting lineup?