Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Progress With Unity Podcast #98: Ipswich review, Bournemouth and Nottingham Forest previews

Happy 40th... er, 100th birthday, telly techs!

It hasn't just been a momentous week for the mighty Ceefax, who hit the big four-O on Tuesday - PWU is celebrating its own landmark. Nope, we haven't uncovered evidence of an actual listener, though we would appreciate if you could let us know when you find him. Nine participants is a record for this humble Wigan Athletic fan podcast, and... er, we're very proud indeed.

*Lifts trophy aloft, man at back of auditorium claps*

What next, eh? Maybe we might go a podcast without mentioning Grant Holt or biscuits. Yep, that'll be the one I'm on holiday for.

This week starring: Barry, Gareth, Greg, Paul, Mick, Rob, Dan, Terry and Pete.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Progress With Unity Podcast #97: Blackburn and Huddersfield reviews, Ipswich preview

That can't be McManaman because he's shooting! (Badum tish)

With all this talk of missed penalties, you might think this is a podcast about the England national team. But stuff international matches, because the aftermath is invariably disastrous for Wigan Athletic, regardless of who was or wasn't on last week's plane/bus/trike to Interglobia!

Never mind, for the multimedia televisual extravaganza that is Monday Night Football beckons. I would enjoy the game on telly, but, er, they won't let me take my CRT TV through the DW turnstiles.

Around the table this week: Barry, Gareth, Rob, Paul T, Dan and Mick

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Progress With Unity Podcast #96: International review, Blackburn and Huddersfield previews

It's chicken flavour, I promise.

We ought to stop saying we have nothing to talk about during international week, because we invariably find something that piques our interest to such an extent that the remaining 25 minutes of allocated (internet) airtime are exhausted analysing every minute detail of it. I won't say who got us riled up this week, but he may be known for his shorts. And I'm not talking about Walt Disney (again)...

Around the table this week: Barry, Rob, Mick, Dan, Paul T and Gareth

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Progress With Unity Podcast #95: Birmingham review, Deadline Day Deals, September preview


Welcome, Progress With Unity Podcasters! Bamber Boozler here with a deadline day report. We can only fit 70 words onto a single teletext page, so hit the red button to see more information on Wigan Athletic's four signings. Except we could only afford to broadcast two pages so stand by for their dates of birth and astrological star sign courtesy Russell Grant in glorious glitch-o-vision.

In short, check back tomorrow when we have more space to fit the informat

Around the table this week: Barry, Gareth, Paul T, Dan, Mick and Greg