Thursday, 6 April 2017

Progress With Unity Podcast #203: Newcastle and Ipswich reviews, Rotherham preview

Which is worse: strikerless matches or matchless strikers? Speaking of which, has anyone seen Mikey Mandron of late? My guess is that he's on holiday in Greenland, Grimsby or quite possibly Gibraltar.

Didn't matter on Tuesday night anyway, as it was the defenders that mucked up first and foremost. Should've put Danny Burn up front where he belongs, says your small time flavour text writer. Also, get Kings Coyle and Joyce back...

(I'll cut off his text here, dear reader - flavour text man is evidently under the influence of social media. -- Ed.)


0:00 Greasy intros
2:00 Statless Newcastle review with Simon's Tripadvisor report
6:00 Apologetic Warnock (=new Twitter account idea?)
12:00 Shoutouts to King 'Coach' Joyce
14:00 Seamless Ipswich review with a sigh and a Si: 'it's over'
18:00 Next striker: Mandron? Lang? AN Other?
23:00 King St getting ready for a party... in 12 months' time
25:00 Next manager: Jewell? Caldwell? Barry Worthington?
28:00 Weepy Rotherham preview
32:00 Si's Oddschecker: Straw Clutching Special & Mick backs against Wigan shock!
36:00 Sayonara Matt Jackson & Nick Powell's long comeback

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