Thursday, 16 March 2017

Progress With Unity Podcast #200: JOYCEY GONE, Bristol City review & Villa preview

Another podcast, another manager. Another shorts-wearing pirate cast into Davey Whelan's Locker, another panicking hopeful thrust unwillingly to the fore. Another Latics season reliant upon British Summer Time, another five games to turn the DW surface into Blackpool Beach.

...Aw man, I wish I hadn't mentioned Blackpool now - brings back bittersweet memories of last season.

Anyhow, PWU hereby apologises for wasting exactly 200 podcasts of time in your life. That's 200 podcasts you could have spent on the toilet, making packed lunches or writing strongly worded letters to 'King' Garton J... but not at the same time.


0:00 Joyceless intros - sayonara, Shortsman II
1:00 Electrifying 'Bristols' review (30 seconds long)
7:00 Why didn't we get him out sooner?
13:00 What's Coyley up to these days...?
16:00 £179 season tickets = "a ripoff" & Fans Forum refunds
18:40 Changing subject: Aston Villa preview with Villa fan Jordan
24:00 Villa to 'throw the game'? & the shadow of Shortsman
28:30 Baz's Villa stat pack, form guide & bittersweet predictions
35:00 Si's Oddschecker & Pollitt to return?!
40:00 Potted history of Wigan Athletic 2004-2017

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