Thursday, 23 March 2017

Progress With Unity #201: Aston Villa review, FAB March 2017

Where is your king now, Wigan Athletic? Where is the man to save you from dull football and bamboozling tactics? Where is the one to reverse time with the power of shorts worn on the outside?

Where is the man whose goals burned a streak through League One? Where is the man whose golden sneakers are sitting proudly upon his mantelpiece? Where is the man who will lead the world to the tune of 90s cheese dance?

And where are the words of encouragement from a small time flavour text writer? Well, they're lost in an overgrown hedge maze of unerring criticism and impending doom.

But Mum, I don't wanna go to League One!


0:00 Hasty non-intros
1:00 Positive Villa review sponsored by Bogle Chrome
8:30 Kellett's curtailed comeback
14:00 New (old?) managerial team & International Breakdown: Morsy Gone Fishin'
17:00 U18s 'doing quite well' & Si's Relegation Oddschecker (don't listen to this!)
22:30 March 2017 FAB report w/Baz: Beer carts, not enough pies for Wigan?!
29:00 ...Pitch drain blockages, Diversity Award, Barrow's managerial status...
38:00 ...Who would YOU have as Wigan manager? & Caldwell v Joyce (again)...
45:00 ...Financial backup plans, the Alex Bruce Strategy, outside investment...
50:00 ...Yanic and overseas streaming.

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