Thursday, 28 January 2016

Progress With Unity Podcast #153: Crewe review, Port Vale preview, FAB January 2016

"Good evening, Bristolers. I am reporting live from Norwich, on the border with Hulton just outside wig gone.

"Sorry, did my audio just become garbled there, Geoff? I'm pointing my phone in the erection of Winter Hill now... is matt any better?

"Wight. Let's continue with this week's ablution of the pro Gresty Road post cat. I reckon-"

Oh dear, we seem to have lost our flavour text writer. Let's hope we never get him back.

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Progress With Unity Podcast #152: Chesterfield review, Crewe preview

Look, I know we just picked up seven points from nine at home. I know we just saw fifteen goals, all of them amazing in their own special way.

But I'd prefer to just forget everything that has gone and look forward to the final part of the season, OK? All these comebacks are making the hairs on my arms fall out, and I need those to look like Bruce Willis in my 80s tank top.

So Wigan Athletic, for the sake of my yak-like hairiness, keep scoring three goals a game until May 2016.

Guy That Writes The Flavour Text That Nobody Ever Reads

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Progress With Unity Podcast #151: Gillingham and Sheff Utd reviews, Chesterfield preview

You want to see the table? Well, here it is...

Don't look at the table, it'll only make you nervous. I said don't do it! And while you're at it, forget all those other teams in this division too. And the other divisions.

Aaaah, don't you feel better now? Good, you can enjoy the football of a Saturday afternoon without worrying if you'll make the playoffs or finish 24th out of 24. Now you can relax and savour soccer for the spectacle it really is.

Sigh... I remember when the FA Cup used to do to that for us.

*Wipes tear from eye*

*Takes swig from '2013 FA Cup Winners' mug*

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Progress With Unity Podcast #150: Fleetwood and Scunthorpe, Gillingham and Sheffield United

Tonight's shoutout is directed squarely at the Great British weather, which, in the spirit of neo-punk, continues to make a mockery of the Football League's fixture selection! Yaah, go raaain!

Thankfully, plenty of precipitation is prophecised for the next couple of weeks. This means I can cool down my season ticket, which will be pretty close to melting point after being swiped through the DW turnstiles thrice in the space of nine days.

I suggest you visit the toilet *before* listening to this week's edition of the PWU Podcast, because we rattle through a whole year's worth of topics in the space of 45 minutes. Hey, the last episode was aaaaall the way back in 2015, so there's much more to cover than usual!

(And I know I use that joke every year, but hopefully you forgot by now...)

Friday, 1 January 2016

Progress With Unity Podcast Best of 2015/16 Season Part I

Yeah, we know there's some football going on. We know we should be making podcasts about it and drawing the ire of Latics pundits/fans the world over. But since we're roasting our chestnuts on Barry's open fire, we are in no state to present such an offering at this time. 

As a form of apology, please accept this, the first of a four part special looking back on the 2015/16 season at PWU. Part 2 will arrive soon enough, while 3 and 4 will be along in time for your summer holidays. I haven't edited those yet... in fact, we haven't recorded a single thing for them to date. But rest assured, I will and we will!

But for now, a Happy New Year to all.