Thursday, 11 May 2017

Progress With Unity Podcast #208: Leeds review, bye bye Championship

Welcome to the end of the season, flavour text readers! As yet another highly eventful campaign draws to a close, one is left to reflect on the good times and ba-

(Guitars screech to a discordant halt)

Actually, I'd like to stop playing this rubbish and dedicate a song to Wigan Athletic's next manager, Phoenix from the popular mute a capella duo Phoenix and Blue.

# I'm not Blue, da-ba-dee da-ba-die... #

Timecodes, baby

0:00 Intros LIVE! from the PWU Shed Sauna
2:00 Leeds review AKA the Misadventures of Rob Green
7:00 Warren warrants one more mention
12:00 Leeds season ticket refund news & one more mention for Wazza
15:00 Next Latics manager? & Recruitment policy
22:00 Rumour corner: may the summer of bullshi- er, speculation begin!
30:00 Off The Terrace returns for the EFL Alliance Cup Final
36:00 Latics starting lineup, August 2017: Wildschut, Vuckic and McAleny back?
40:00 Welcome back to the Microsoft Paint Trophy & season ticket info coming soon

Fartwatch - the new best one of the season! 44:00

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Progress With Unity Podcast #207: Reading review, Leeds preview

Reading and Leeds Festival? Hah, more like Fields of Pain.

But fret not, dear flavour text reader, for your suffering shall be over in just a few days' time. The season will be complete and you can toddle off to Jimmybob's Quality Circus on Saturday afternoon once more.

"Wait, you mean we weren't witnessing that at the DW Stadium this year?"

Quiet there, Groucho.


0:00 Ravin' and droolin' intros
0:30 Rotherha- er, Reading review with 'loose' Statman & inflatable snakes
5:00 PWU Blame Apportion Weekly
13:00 'How to Market Relegation' & unrealistic expectations
18:00 Managerial Oddschecker: Who's next?
24:00 Fartwatch & Tim Sherwood
28:00 Announcement: Legends game - new Latics announced!
29:00 Leeds preview & pointless predictions
34:00 Paul's 'two flask season'
37:00 Shoutouts: Mudhutters' donation & new AGL fanzine out on Sunday

Fartwatch - best one of the season! 39:00

Friday, 28 April 2017

Progress With Unity Podcast #206: Cardiff review, Reading preview

Don't believe all you read on unsanitary small time Internet weblogs - Blackburn and Bristol certainly aren't about to be deducted 10 points each for irregularities involving the illegal acquisition of mint flavour Penguin biscuits. Such stories are sent from alternate universes where Gaz Caldwell and Boycey didn't lift the FA Cup in 2013.

...Yeah, in that reality, Angelo Henriquez jumped in front to snatch it from their grasp before running 200 miles back to Old Trafford... on foot. Some say the trophy is still hidden under a Manchester bridge where Angie 'put it for safe keeping' and forgot to collect it the next morning.

But that's also a reality in which Latics are still sitting mid-table in the Premier League. So which universe is it gonna be? Choose now!

This week's surprise special guest: Paul Kendrick from the Wigan Post!


0:00 Chucklevision intros with bonus bin complaints
3:00 Cardiff review with bonus Statman super rant!
8:00 Intermission: A Critical Review with bonus striker gripes
14:00 More Cardiff chatter with bonus King Joyce praise
17:00 Paul Kendrick QnA: Players afraid of being flogged off? Barra' moving 'upstairs'?
22:00 ...Which club serves the best press room food? With bonus pie ramble (of course)
24:00 ...WISH FM news: Ed Jones saves the day! With bonus Grant Holt jibes
27:00 ...Paul's greatest ever Tweet & who would you like Latics to sign?
33:00 Youth players released & equal rights contracts
36:00 Not-at-all-token Reading preview with bonus FA Cup 2013 references
42:00 Joseph's Goal Legends game: Jesus is a Wiganer again!
45:00 More Paul Kendrick QnA: Best and worst person you've interviewed?
48:00 ...Asking the difficult questions & defending against keyboard warriors
53:00 Shameless plug: All Gone Latics zine on sale vs Leeds & at the Legends game

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Progress With Unity Podcast #205: Barnsley and Brighton reviews, Cardiff preview

It's that time of the year, dear flavour text reader. From this point onwards, Wigan Athletic could descend into that pit of rabid social media keyboard warriors at a moment's notice. A mere victim of circumstance, the unfortunate Jakob Haugaard has already been tossed in there with his peanut butter gloves and shredded contract cash.

This is almost like commentating on the fireball that's about to strike earth. "And here it comes, the final blow to all humanity, just as the Mayans predicted all those years ago. To everyone listening, I'd like to say... screw you, you ungrateful swines! You never leave any comments on my Facebook posts or..."



0:00 'End of Days' intros
1:30 Barnsley review: Nick Powell, the hero Wigan needs but does not deserve
6:00 Hau My Gaard, it's the Battle of the Crap Keepers
11:00 Barnsley in detention & an honorary mention (for the ref)
14:00 Goalie solution: 'put Deep Heat in Haugaard's pants'
16:00 Win-win-win to survive?
20:00 Cardiff preview: Statman gives up!
23:00 Protracted predictions & Si's Blue, Blue(bird) Oddschecker
35:00 Progress With Unity Player of the Season voting now open
36:00 Half Time Game: 2nd winner of the season & new game = It's A Knockout?