Thursday, 29 September 2016

Progress With Unity Podcast #177: Preston and Wolves reviews, Brentford preview

"Wow, Preston's only just finished and the Brentford game is mere minutes away from kickoff! This Championship thing is passing us by far too quickly for my liking.

"In fact I'll have you know I was born on 1 July and will be drawing my pension in two months' time. Life's all too short when you're a fruit fly like me, eh?"

*Is flattened by extra large fly swat

Can't turn back that clock, Marty. Onwards and Beewards...


Apologies in advance for the weird robot noises (CAPS) in certain parts of this 'cast.

0:00 Upbeat intros with ROBOT ATTACKS and more dwarf threshold chat
2:30 Melancholy Preston Off The Terrace report courtesy Simon Gee
4:00 SPACE INVADER ATTACK and PNE match stat pack
8:00 Wouldn't have scored all night and BERZERK ROBOTS INVADE
14:00 Caldwell out... to lunch?
18:00 Slightly chipper Wolves Off The Terrace report with Si (Caldwell back in!)
22:00 Passing Power with sidekick Perksman
27:00 Buxton vs. his nagging wife AKA the East Stand
34:00 A surprising result?
36:00 Bee positive: a Brentford preview with zero postman puns
39:00 Si's Oddschecker & Bee-dictions (boo, you used that pun once already)
47:00 FAB throwback: budgetary issues & survival

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Progress With Unity Podcast #176: Fulham review, Preston preview

Fulham... predictable no-score draw... Des Lynam's drawers... shampooed moustache... Nigel Mansell... Maunsell sea forts... Sealand... sealant... Screw Thicks Direct... screw me to a blasted fence post... screw Wigan Fulham fixtures!

Sorry, I lapse into word association when my stamina runs low - 0-0s tend to have that effect on a small time internet weblogger. Just pretend it's an impromptu game of 'Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon' and all will be well.

I certainly ain't drunk, mind. Not yet, anyway


0:00 Empty seat intros
1:20 "Barn doors & banjos": Fulham boreview with Si's Off The Terrace thingy
3:20 All the numbers with stand-in Statman Baz
8:00 SHOCK! Selection SHOCKS! With Nick 'Limping' Powell
12:00 Snow White And The Tall Dwarves: The Dwarf Threshold
15:00 Deep in the Dales: Preston preview with Nick Myers
20:00 Players to look out for on Friday Night Footbawl & predictions (26:00)
28:00 Particularly pristine Preston Fact Pack lovingly prepared by Big Baz
40:00 Fans' Advisory Board September 2016: does anyone care about matchday programmes?
44:30 FAB continued: free away travel, photoshoot open day

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Progress With Unity Podcast #175: Sheff Wed and Norwich reviews, Fulham preview

Where's Michael Fish when you need 'im? I remain convinced that Manchester is covered in a perpetual cloud that follows you around, Addams Family style. But thank goodness it's a relatively small cloud spanning just the city centre, or we may have been watching the Norwich Beamback from the DW Stadium Jordi Gomez Memorial Swimming Pool.

...He's Wigan's greatest ever diver, you see.


0:00 PG rated intros
1:30 Sheff Wed autopsy including Si's mournful From The Terrace (2:30)
8:00 Too many late signings? Not enough continuity?
13:00 Norwich post-mortem with the Keith Stroud Fan Club
14:30 Bog Man's Christmas tape screw-up
18:30 Burn vs. Byrne and Jordi vs. Yanic
28:30 Sunny Fulham preview with's Dan Crawford
30:00 The 16-Year Old Giant and a glamorous away day
36:30 Penalised for playing good football? And bonus Dan Burn appraisal
44:00 The accommodating Fulham FC
49:00 15 points from the next 10 games?
55:30 Apprehensive Fulham predictions
58:00 Send your Betamax tapes to WAFC

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Progress With Unity Podcast #174: Sheff Wed preview

'Captain' Bogdan amuses himself during the international break.

Progress With Unity is proud to announce its squad numbers for the 2015/16 season! But due to the English Podcast League's archaic copyright policies, we are are not able to publish them here at our small time internet weblog without paying at least £30 in paperwork fees.

Since we only have extra strong mints in the petty cash draw, you must solve these cryptic puzzles to find out who has been allocated which number. Have fun!

1. The one who finds increasingly creative ways to criticise the fourth official... but only when Wigan lose.
3. The one who slips in the odd curse word to make sure that part is edited out.
4. The one who finishes all the extra strong mints without telling anyone else they're there.
5. The one who forgets this is a Wigan Athletic podcast and talks about cricket/rugby/Olympics/competitive welly throwing at great length.
7. The one who is supposed to spend time on these descriptions but bursts bubble wrap instead.

Oh dear, I just realised that all those clues apply to every one of our panellists. You'll have to forgive me - it *has* been a pretty mind-numbing week of non-football, after all...


0:00 Thumbing and strumming intros
1:00 BONUS: The Non League Day high life with 'Salford' Simon
7:00 A great message from Bobby Campbell & Barry's Wigan 10k run
13:00 Transfer window wrap-up: Kaiyne Woolery, Andy Delort
20:00 International Breakdown: Bobby's Belgium - what a bench
22:00 Sheffield Wednesday preview: Latics links, the musical city
26:30 Si's rapid fire Oddschecker and predictions
33:00 Powell vs Perkins: Battle of the Ages
37:00 Norwich Beamback preview: Spotlight on ref Keith Stroud (and Delia)
43:00 Loanwatch: Super Sanmi Odelusi

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Progress With Unity Podcast #173: QPR review, transfer deadline day

Wigan Athletic v Queens Park Rangers: an exercise in splitting the happy clappers from the doom mongers; a Floydian exercise in sturdy defensive sensibilities; an exercise in Caldwellian (im)patience.

Transfer Deadline Day: an exercise in extreme showmanship; an exercise in dodgy ties and even dodgier haircuts; an exercise in glorification of the utterly mundane (raises hand).

International break: An exercise in having to spend your Saturday making up silly rumours to amuse yourself; an exercise in wondering why Alex Witsel wants Marouane Fellaini's haircut.

PWU: An exercise in futility?

0:00 Up and running with the Wigan 10k
2:30 QPR review with Simon Gregory's Off the Terrace report (4:00)
9:00 Wasteful Latics: a rant by... who?
13:00 Those disallowed goals UNCOVERED
18:00 PWU Transfer Deadline Day news ticker
20:00 Is the Championship ready for Morsy (& Colclough)?
25:00 Who else should go? & 28:00 Welcome Adam Le Fondre
31:00 The Billion Pound Window & 'The Human Tampon'
36:30 Where's the M. Bition money gone?
40:00 A good window?
45:00 Last words: FAB postponed & new fanzines out soon

Blazing Saddles Watch: 22:20, 22:50