Thursday, 11 May 2017

Progress With Unity Podcast #208: Leeds review, bye bye Championship

Welcome to the end of the season, flavour text readers! As yet another highly eventful campaign draws to a close, one is left to reflect on the good times and ba-

(Guitars screech to a discordant halt)

Actually, I'd like to stop playing this rubbish and dedicate a song to Wigan Athletic's next manager, Phoenix from the popular mute a capella duo Phoenix and Blue.

# I'm not Blue, da-ba-dee da-ba-die... #

Timecodes, baby

0:00 Intros LIVE! from the PWU Shed Sauna
2:00 Leeds review AKA the Misadventures of Rob Green
7:00 Warren warrants one more mention
12:00 Leeds season ticket refund news & one more mention for Wazza
15:00 Next Latics manager? & Recruitment policy
22:00 Rumour corner: may the summer of bullshi- er, speculation begin!
30:00 Off The Terrace returns for the EFL Alliance Cup Final
36:00 Latics starting lineup, August 2017: Wildschut, Vuckic and McAleny back?
40:00 Welcome back to the Microsoft Paint Trophy & season ticket info coming soon

Fartwatch - the new best one of the season! 44:00

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Progress With Unity Podcast #207: Reading review, Leeds preview

Reading and Leeds Festival? Hah, more like Fields of Pain.

But fret not, dear flavour text reader, for your suffering shall be over in just a few days' time. The season will be complete and you can toddle off to Jimmybob's Quality Circus on Saturday afternoon once more.

"Wait, you mean we weren't witnessing that at the DW Stadium this year?"

Quiet there, Groucho.


0:00 Ravin' and droolin' intros
0:30 Rotherha- er, Reading review with 'loose' Statman & inflatable snakes
5:00 PWU Blame Apportion Weekly
13:00 'How to Market Relegation' & unrealistic expectations
18:00 Managerial Oddschecker: Who's next?
24:00 Fartwatch & Tim Sherwood
28:00 Announcement: Legends game - new Latics announced!
29:00 Leeds preview & pointless predictions
34:00 Paul's 'two flask season'
37:00 Shoutouts: Mudhutters' donation & new AGL fanzine out on Sunday

Fartwatch - best one of the season! 39:00