Thursday, 2 March 2017

Progress With Unity Podcast #198: Forest review, Blackburn & Birmingham previews

The DW Stadium pigeon UFO conspiracy lives!

Before we continue, it should be noted that this week's edition of the Progress With Unity Podcast was supposed to be recorded LIVE at the Joyce Fans Forum. Unfortunately this event did not go ahead as aliens landed in the DW centre circle, kidnapping Sharpy and 75% of the Wigan Athletic backroom staff. Then, a repeat of the 2013 FA Cup Final magically appeared on the South Stand bar projection telly and everyone forgot all about the forum, aliens and indeed where they parked.

...Nah, not really! I *knew* my Mini Cooper was on Robin Park because I wrote its location on the palm of my hand.

Despite this cancellation, Book Cycle Studios thankfully kept Wednesday night free in case of UFO invasions. Thank goodness for that, eh?


0:00 Non-cancelled intros
1:30: Alleged football matches involving Latics and Forest AKA Pigeongate
5:00 'A disgrace', 'no balls'; fear will take us down
15:00 Statman left speechless by Joyce's forlorn record
18:30 Pitchwatch, Pigeonwatch and rugby kickoffs
23:00 Fans Forum postponement: the right decision?
29:00 Blackburn preview: choosing the right games to win
31:00 Premier League players with League One tactics?
34:00 Predictions: Grigg and Bogle have to play, wild chickens & Si's Oddschecker (37:00)
38:00 Birmingham preview: Drawfest 2017

Burpwatch: 30:50

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