Thursday, 29 September 2016

Progress With Unity Podcast #177: Preston and Wolves reviews, Brentford preview

"Wow, Preston's only just finished and the Brentford game is mere minutes away from kickoff! This Championship thing is passing us by far too quickly for my liking.

"In fact I'll have you know I was born on 1 July and will be drawing my pension in two months' time. Life's all too short when you're a fruit fly like me, eh?"

*Is flattened by extra large fly swat

Can't turn back that clock, Marty. Onwards and Beewards...


Apologies in advance for the weird robot noises (CAPS) in certain parts of this 'cast.

0:00 Upbeat intros with ROBOT ATTACKS and more dwarf threshold chat
2:30 Melancholy Preston Off The Terrace report courtesy Simon Gee
4:00 SPACE INVADER ATTACK and PNE match stat pack
8:00 Wouldn't have scored all night and BERZERK ROBOTS INVADE
14:00 Caldwell out... to lunch?
18:00 Slightly chipper Wolves Off The Terrace report with Si (Caldwell back in!)
22:00 Passing Power with sidekick Perksman
27:00 Buxton vs. his nagging wife AKA the East Stand
34:00 A surprising result?
36:00 Bee positive: a Brentford preview with zero postman puns
39:00 Si's Oddschecker & Bee-dictions (boo, you used that pun once already)
47:00 FAB throwback: budgetary issues & survival

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