Thursday, 22 September 2016

Progress With Unity Podcast #176: Fulham review, Preston preview

Fulham... predictable no-score draw... Des Lynam's drawers... shampooed moustache... Nigel Mansell... Maunsell sea forts... Sealand... sealant... Screw Thicks Direct... screw me to a blasted fence post... screw Wigan Fulham fixtures!

Sorry, I lapse into word association when my stamina runs low - 0-0s tend to have that effect on a small time internet weblogger. Just pretend it's an impromptu game of 'Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon' and all will be well.

I certainly ain't drunk, mind. Not yet, anyway


0:00 Empty seat intros
1:20 "Barn doors & banjos": Fulham boreview with Si's Off The Terrace thingy
3:20 All the numbers with stand-in Statman Baz
8:00 SHOCK! Selection SHOCKS! With Nick 'Limping' Powell
12:00 Snow White And The Tall Dwarves: The Dwarf Threshold
15:00 Deep in the Dales: Preston preview with Nick Myers
20:00 Players to look out for on Friday Night Footbawl & predictions (26:00)
28:00 Particularly pristine Preston Fact Pack lovingly prepared by Big Baz
40:00 Fans' Advisory Board September 2016: does anyone care about matchday programmes?
44:30 FAB continued: free away travel, photoshoot open day

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