Thursday, 8 September 2016

Progress With Unity Podcast #174: Sheff Wed preview

'Captain' Bogdan amuses himself during the international break.

Progress With Unity is proud to announce its squad numbers for the 2015/16 season! But due to the English Podcast League's archaic copyright policies, we are are not able to publish them here at our small time internet weblog without paying at least £30 in paperwork fees.

Since we only have extra strong mints in the petty cash draw, you must solve these cryptic puzzles to find out who has been allocated which number. Have fun!

1. The one who finds increasingly creative ways to criticise the fourth official... but only when Wigan lose.
3. The one who slips in the odd curse word to make sure that part is edited out.
4. The one who finishes all the extra strong mints without telling anyone else they're there.
5. The one who forgets this is a Wigan Athletic podcast and talks about cricket/rugby/Olympics/competitive welly throwing at great length.
7. The one who is supposed to spend time on these descriptions but bursts bubble wrap instead.

Oh dear, I just realised that all those clues apply to every one of our panellists. You'll have to forgive me - it *has* been a pretty mind-numbing week of non-football, after all...


0:00 Thumbing and strumming intros
1:00 BONUS: The Non League Day high life with 'Salford' Simon
7:00 A great message from Bobby Campbell & Barry's Wigan 10k run
13:00 Transfer window wrap-up: Kaiyne Woolery, Andy Delort
20:00 International Breakdown: Bobby's Belgium - what a bench
22:00 Sheffield Wednesday preview: Latics links, the musical city
26:30 Si's rapid fire Oddschecker and predictions
33:00 Powell vs Perkins: Battle of the Ages
37:00 Norwich Beamback preview: Spotlight on ref Keith Stroud (and Delia)
43:00 Loanwatch: Super Sanmi Odelusi

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