Thursday, 15 September 2016

Progress With Unity Podcast #175: Sheff Wed and Norwich reviews, Fulham preview

Where's Michael Fish when you need 'im? I remain convinced that Manchester is covered in a perpetual cloud that follows you around, Addams Family style. But thank goodness it's a relatively small cloud spanning just the city centre, or we may have been watching the Norwich Beamback from the DW Stadium Jordi Gomez Memorial Swimming Pool.

...He's Wigan's greatest ever diver, you see.


0:00 PG rated intros
1:30 Sheff Wed autopsy including Si's mournful From The Terrace (2:30)
8:00 Too many late signings? Not enough continuity?
13:00 Norwich post-mortem with the Keith Stroud Fan Club
14:30 Bog Man's Christmas tape screw-up
18:30 Burn vs. Byrne and Jordi vs. Yanic
28:30 Sunny Fulham preview with's Dan Crawford
30:00 The 16-Year Old Giant and a glamorous away day
36:30 Penalised for playing good football? And bonus Dan Burn appraisal
44:00 The accommodating Fulham FC
49:00 15 points from the next 10 games?
55:30 Apprehensive Fulham predictions
58:00 Send your Betamax tapes to WAFC

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