Thursday, 20 April 2017

Progress With Unity Podcast #205: Barnsley and Brighton reviews, Cardiff preview

It's that time of the year, dear flavour text reader. From this point onwards, Wigan Athletic could descend into that pit of rabid social media keyboard warriors at a moment's notice. A mere victim of circumstance, the unfortunate Jakob Haugaard has already been tossed in there with his peanut butter gloves and shredded contract cash.

This is almost like commentating on the fireball that's about to strike earth. "And here it comes, the final blow to all humanity, just as the Mayans predicted all those years ago. To everyone listening, I'd like to say... screw you, you ungrateful swines! You never leave any comments on my Facebook posts or..."



0:00 'End of Days' intros
1:30 Barnsley review: Nick Powell, the hero Wigan needs but does not deserve
6:00 Hau My Gaard, it's the Battle of the Crap Keepers
11:00 Barnsley in detention & an honorary mention (for the ref)
14:00 Goalie solution: 'put Deep Heat in Haugaard's pants'
16:00 Win-win-win to survive?
20:00 Cardiff preview: Statman gives up!
23:00 Protracted predictions & Si's Blue, Blue(bird) Oddschecker
35:00 Progress With Unity Player of the Season voting now open
36:00 Half Time Game: 2nd winner of the season & new game = It's A Knockout?

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