Thursday, 13 April 2017

Progress With Unity Podcast #204: Rotherham review, Barnsley and Brighton previews

Aww, isn't it May yet? This season ought to have ended a whole month ago - not sure I can bear another four weeks of increasingly dubious defensive screw-ups. King Joyce's brickhouse backlines (pictured) might have been excessive, but at least they worked... sort of.

Mind you, with goals like these, who needs defenders? Now, if only these Powell, Gilbey and Obertan chaps played for Wigan...


0:00 Intros from the top rope
0:30 Latics v Rovrum v Warrington: Fake Stats
5:00 WCW Horseplay LIVE from Robin Park: Powell v Price
10:00 Haugaardgate: a contractual selection
14:00 40+ players this season: are they all to blame?
18:50 Sharpy interview with Wigan Today: what's it got to do with him?
23:00 Barrunsley preview: "still 22nd to play for"
28:00 Four wins needed? 49 points to stay up?
30:00 Si's optimistic Oddschecker
33:00 Brighton preview: fake stats / steak fats
41:00 Up the cup winning Tics: Dev Squad glory

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