Thursday, 23 February 2017

Progress With Unity Podcast #197: Preston and QPR reviews, Forest preview

Hello; I am not your small time flavour text writer. He can not be with you this week as he is currently under investigation by the BPB (British Pie Board) for irregularities regarding pre-match pastries. He is said to have advocated Galloways over the obviously superior Hollands, a claim he outright refutes. But following his role in the Penguins in the fridge incident of 2016, such accusations must be investigated.

I have been told to 'write something silly' in his absence, but my nature forbids such foolishness. Hence, the following timecodes have been written by that friendly robotic chap Google Timecode once more.

Have a nice day, pie-munchers.

Copywrong Google Timecode 2017*
*Known to be 82% accurate

0:00 Comeback #ntros
1:50 Latics v Prest£n rev1ew: phantom penalties & phantom runs
8:00 Welcome to defensive stability & Cup Final capers ##}
11:00 (Sadly pieless) QPR v Latics review: arbitrary booking allocation
16:00 We got a penalty, woo yeaaah!
23:00 Stat showdown: King Joyce v Superman Caldwell
27:00 'Draws are no good' vs. 'don't lose under any circumstances' +++
33:00 Does Joyce trust his players?
38:40 Tree-mendous Latics v Forest preview & pred&ctions (42:00)
44:00 Si's Cup Final #5 OddschUcker
49:00 Fear %f failure?
52:00 Shameless All Gone Latics Fanzine plug

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