Thursday, 16 February 2017

Progress With Unity Podcast #196: Fulham and Wolves reviews, Preston and QPR previews

Evenings suck. I have no idea why anyone would record a podcast after 7PM, let alone host a football match. It's dark, cold and everyone has gone home to watch repeats of Hammydale or Botheration Street.

PWU (or at least your flavour text writer) is wholly in favour of the Wigan Post's decision to drop 'evening' from its name. Not due to the above, but because this local publication now appears to be named after the South Stand goalpost Charles N'Zogbia struck as he netted the winner against Arsenal that time.

See, I told you it was a football paper all along!


0:00 Raucous Valentine's intros
2:00 Fulham review: "possession-based football is dead"
9:00 Coulda Woulda Shoulda Corner: What if Jacobs was Superman?
16:00 Wolves review: 85 minutes you'll never get back
18:00 A Bogle in progress & making Man United look average
23:00 The relegation run-in: "Everyone below 14th at risk"
27:00 Preston preview: Cup Final time again & profitable ball boying
29:00 Bogle standard (hehey) predictions and Si's Oddschecker (31:00)
36:00 Phantom scouts representing Latics in Europe
38:00 QPR preview: Rob's life of crime & quick predictions
45:00 Max & Paddy Perkins' Road to Nowhere

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