Thursday, 2 February 2017

Progress With Unity Podcast #194: Man United review, Sheff Wed & Norwich previews

That's it, lads, show's over! Now that afternoon at the Theatre of Broken Dreams has been forgotten like those 1,001 astounding ideas we think up just before we fall asleep, you can also forget about Wigan Athletic for another four months.

...Or maybe not - you Sly Sporks Snooze guys will be back on Friday evening, won't you? Well, I hope you have your Wigan Pier and Wigan Casino stock footage ready. Oh, and don't forget Uncle Joe's, Heinz spaghetti shapes and meat and tater pies!

Never mind, just roll that tape labelled 'Transfer Window Nonsense', would you? Yeah, I know it's the same one we play twice every year but with the player names digitally altered. You do realise we're on a budget here?

*Lights up a cigarette


0:00 Exciting intros with the Ghost of Yanic
2:30 One million dollars (well, pounds): Man U v Latics review
7:00 "Does this performance stand us in good stead?"
9:20 PWU's Transfer Deadline Day punfest
11:00 Outgoings: The best for Flores, Gomez's marriage proposal, ALF Schwarzenegger
14:00 Exactly what you're here for - Yanic vs. The Fans
17:00 Incomings: golfing Obertan, grinning Mandron, Omar is a Wigan-ah
22:00 Can we go on signing an average of 12 players per window?
32:00 Back on the telly: Sheff Weds preview including Return of the Mac
36:00 Teletext predictions and Si's Oddschecker (38:00)
40:00 Norwich preview: a warning from the officials & more Yanic bashing
43:00 Sore Yanic-related predictions

Fartwatch: 29:40 (with ghost whisper)

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