Thursday, 9 February 2017

Progress With Unity Podcast #195: Sheff Wed and Norwich reviews, Fulham and Wolves previews

Despite the fact some football might have been happening, I am going to hijack this PWU flavour text in the name of pastries once more. Ohh yessss, it's time to pander to those well-worn stale-otypes!

Wigan-Norwich pastry review 2017

Good: Free [brand name removed] pasties outside the East Stand. There were plenty remaining when your flavour text writer arrived at 7.30pm.

Bad: No pasties (or anything at all) left at half time in the concourse. Apparently the caterers were fired on the spot.

Solution: Re-open Sharpy's as a gourmet pasty restaurant. C'mon Dave, ya know it'll be worth it!


0:00 Non-intros
1:30 Sheff Wed review with approximate stats
6:00 Beaten by the Shin of God AKA Jake Fred Buxton
10:30 Return of the Snake: Latics-Norwich review
12:00 No red cards? An ode to sh*thousing
14:50 Norwich Off The Terrace with not Simon
19:00 Dan Burn: The Awesome Truth & Jakob Haugaard: The Awful Truth
29:50 PWU Reader Q&A: Will Latics stay up?
39:00 Fake News: Local Paper Bloopers #19837
40:00 Fulham preview with a quick shoutout for Dan from Fulham fansite Hammyend
44:00 Reverse psychology Fulham predictions
51:00 Wolves preview & speed dating predictions (52:00)
54:00 The DW pitch is ready to explode & obligatory pastry chat

Fartwatch: 24:00

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