Thursday, 26 January 2017

Progress With Unity Podcast #193: Brentford review, Man United preview

Mummy, take them away! Why do the wide eyed men with cameras follow everything vaguely associated with the words 'Manchester' and 'United'? And while we're at it, why did they ban bad language at farting Salford Media City?

Those loud-mouthed and bushy-eyebrowed Wigan Athletic podcast men can stay as long as they promise never to film their episodes, or indeed utter the words 'screwed' or 'blast'. They should use more gentlemanly language!

Are the cameras gone? Good, now my boss won't know I'm bunking off work to write this flavour text.


0:00 Gassy intros
1:00 Brentford review: the Sam Morsy Super Show & shocking stats
6:30 The substitute war: won by the Bees
9:00 "Caldwell has a lot to answer for" & duck assessment
15:00 Misplaced hype: Sawyers, Hogan, Connolly?
17:00 The End of Graham Barrow?! A transfer window update
21:00 Bogle update & dud signings
24:00 Man United 'Blaze of Non-Glory' FA Cup preview: won 1, lost 17
27:00 Si's FA Cup 'Final' Oddschecker & predictions
36:00 11 years since Highbury '06 & Flores on loan?

Fartwatch: 13:20, 30:00

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