Thursday, 15 December 2016

Progress With Unity Podcast #188: Aston Villa review, Newcastle and Ipswich previews

Contrary to the first two teams in the post subject, it certainly isn't Premier League Week here at PWU. Get with the times! We're in 1996 already, geez.

Unseasonably mild evenings offer the perfect opportunity for an al fresco edition of Peedubya live from the burger van outside the South Stand. Yep, we literally stood around in a circle with a voice recorder while the wind blew through our ears.

(Well, *I* didn't because I was stuck in a traffic jam outside KFC.)

Our resident podcast editor has applied noise removal techniques, but sadly could not do anything about the rubbish spewing from our mouths. Hwahaha!


0:00 Outside broadcast intros
1:00 Bus parking tips for Villa Park (Aston Villa review)
3:00 Griggsy is back!
6:00 The Road to Wembley 2017: FA Youth Cup
10:00 Welcome to Wigan, Sky Television, & Ipswich thoughts
15:00 Hypothesis Corner: Three consecutive draws - points gained or lost?
19:00 Post match musings: Kellett, Caldwell tactics, bring on Ipswich

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