Thursday, 1 December 2016

Progress With Unity Podcast #186: Huddersfield review, Derby preview

"Three large salads, you say? Who orders salad from McFellaini's?!"

Hypocrisy, hmm? To those who claim your small time internet flavour text writer had been brainwashed by the Roberto and Caldwell Co., I say this: you're darn right. And goodness knows it needed a thorough scrub, because there was some *really* mucky stuff at the back of that brain.

While I won't write about Calds again (probably), I'll continue to reference the 'Martinez fallacy' (possession does not always equal success) ad infinitum.

In other words, PWU welcomes its new shorts-wearing, Owdum accented, (possibly) Bovril-swilling, mega defensive overlord... with a great big custard pie to the face!

Only kidding - he can have all the Victoria sponge in my pantry if he keeps feeding it to Yanic.


0:00 Introductory tributes
2:00 Huddersfield review with misleading stats and Si's beaming Off The Terrace thingy (3:00)
8:00 Eleven points from the top 6 now #PlayoffsByXmas
10:00 Penalty falsehoods?
16:00 Defenders and goalies moonlighting as centre forwards & MacDonald's yellow card mystery
26:00 Davey Whelan's 3D printed chocolate statue surprise
28:00 RAMbling Derby preview (hah) with Statman's fat stat pack (29:30)
30:00 Derby predictions and Si's Outsider Oddschecker (33:00) 
35:00 Strikers returning to the starting lineup?

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