Thursday, 29 December 2016

Progress With Unity Christmas Quiz 2016

 Clue: quiz does not contain Donervon or Yanic.

Four years ago, Progress With Unity hosted a gala Christmas function complete with snacks, flimsy party hats and a Latics-themed quiz. It was attended by many prominent figures in the Wigan Athletic community… and Mr Barry Worthington.

But that was over in the positively archaic Studio 1. This year’s PWU do took place in a genuine Swedish sauna… round the back of the Book Cycle. Yeah, I never knew it was there until the party either! Funny how I didn’t even think to look before now.

See if you can beat our expert panellists with this test of your Wigan Athletic knowledge. Questions provided by All Gone Latics ‘journos’ Dan and Liam, so you can direct any inaccuracies squarely at their moping mushes.

How did you do? 

1-3 points: Alright there, Coyley?

3-6 points: Have yourself an extra helping of meat an’ tater this New Year.

6-9 points: You’re better at this than I am.

9+ points: Cheater! I’m going to revoke your Google access. 😛

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