Thursday, 8 December 2016

Progress With Unity Podcast #187: Derby review, Aston Villa and Newcastle previews

Short on time? That's a convenient coincidence, because we have just the gimmick for you. Starting this week, your flavour text writer will be providing one-sentence summaries of the PWU episode(s) in question. And this week, that sentence is:

"Warren Joyce lost his pants."

There ya go - now you don't even need to listen! But I'm still going to write timecodes to cover the unlikely event that you have over 30 seconds but less than 2 minutes to spare.

Only kidding, I haven't even listened to this episode yet. Let me know what happens, will ya?


0:00 Twilight Zone intros
0:30 Derby deconstruction with Si's softly spoken Off The Terrace report (1:30)
3:00 Grigg or Gomez? Yanic or Davies? Shorts or trousers?
8:00 First half painful, second half gainful(ish)
10:30 "It's all your fault, Marcus Wildschut"
17:30 FA Cup draw: 'a load of balls'
20:00 Aston Villa preview: Brucey's Frustration Game
23:00 Si's Oddschecker and mildly apprehensive predictions (apprehensictions?)
30:00 Stephen Warnock: Superstar Centre Forward
33:00 Newcastle preview & super-apprehensive predictions (superapprehensictions?)
40:00 10 in 10: televised tat or tanfastic treats? And 'when Latics were the best in Europe'

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