Thursday, 18 August 2016

Progress With Unity Podcast #171: Blackburn and Birmingham reviews, Forest preview

In any game of football, there are three possible outcomes: home win, away win, draw. In mathematical terms, this gives you a 1/3 chance of winning.

But mathematics is, of course, nonsense. If it were so reliable, we wouldn't need a stat man to correct its mistakes.

Cue Fantasy Football style chants of 'Statman! Statman!' from the gallery

However, the troublesome law of averages seems to have applied itself to Latics' first three games of the season, which have included one win, one loss and one draw.

As tribute, we now present a special edition of PWU Win, Lose or Draw! And heeeere's your host - Barry Slattery...


0:00 Wonderful World of Latics intros
0:40 WIN: Blackburn review with Si's Off The Terrace report (1:00)
5:00 The roasting of Dan Burn
11:00 The boasting of Shane Duffy
12:00 DRAW: Enthusiastic Birmingham review
14:00 RefWatch: the systematic dismantling of 'Grandpa' Simpson
20:00 McDonaldWatch with ketchup
23:00 Transfer Non-Bullbutter of the Week: the new dudes in profile
27:00 Burn your season tickets - Jordi is back!
31:00 Actual Transfer Bullbutter of the Week
36:00 LOSS? (Well, hopefully not.) Forest preview with Statman stats package
41:00 Attendance propaganda & beer donations
43:00 Fans Advisory Board Sep 2016 call for attendees 

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