Thursday, 11 August 2016

Progress With Unity Podcast #170: Bristol City and Oldham review, Blackburn and Birmingham preview

Did the season start yet? Did we lose on Saturday and get dumped out of the League Cup on Tuesday?

Did Will Grigg snatch the Golden Boot? Did Wigan Athletic effortlessly ride a flaming Segway through (almost) all terrified defences on their way to the league title?

Did they beat Preston 5-0 and Blackburn 8-0? Did that freshly-painted open top bus pass through Hindley and Higher Ince on its way to Believe Square?

No? Then wake me up when it all happens, and not a second later. Cheers!


0:00 Roll up for the fairground intros
1:00 Surprisingly chirpy Bristol City review with 2:00 Si's Off The Terrace report
10:00 Don't Luke Burke in Anger: the jump from academy to first team
17:30 Utter Bullbutter of the Week: Morsy to Scunny & settling the squad
21:50 The world's greatest fart?
24:30 Which Tics is Which? Oldham review
25:00 Under the Mick-roscope: do teams take the EFL Cup seriously?
31:00 Off The Terrace at Boundary Park with Si
34:00 Bamford to Wigan: truth or ball cocks?
"Some snotty nosed kid on Twitter trying to make a name for himself"
42:30 Great Graham Scott! It's the Blackburn preview
45:00 Ebullient Blackburn predictions sponsored by doughnuts and glucose drink
50:00 Season Ticket Blues Vol II: how many sold? A Barry rant
58:00 Brummingham preview and predictions package

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