Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Progress With Unity Podcast #169: Bristol City preview, season preview

That's it, silly season's over. No more frivolous gossip and unnecessary gumph to pad out the whole hour we've been allocated by the powers that be. No more obsessing over the super-minutiae. No more watching BT Sport's Betfred Cup and wishing it actually counted for more than a hastily-scribbled beer IOU.

But fret not, dear reader, for there are only about 32 PWU episodes to endure before you can experience it all again! By that time, Wigan Athletic will have been promoted from the Championship, picking up both the League Cup and FA Cup along the way...⸮

0:00 Simmerin' intros
1:00 Fashionista Corner: best set of kits in the league?
2:00 Pre-season: you didn't miss anything
7:30 Fresh-faced freshmen: new signings
11:30 Welcoming Rob to the Ball and Chain Club
14:30 Transfer bullsh- er, gossip
21:20 Outgoings: Pearce, Grigg?
30:00 Season preview: Perkins, slow starts, spine of the team?
41:30 Yanic Under the Mick-roscope
45:00 Games we're most looking forward to
46:20 Bristol City preview with Refwatch Full Time Pro Special
50:00 Tales from the Shed End and token predictions
52:20 Si's Pre-Season Oddschecker
56:00 Season Ticket Blues

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