Thursday, 25 August 2016

Progress With Unity Podcast #172: Forest review, QPR preview

TRUSTED SOURCES: PWU Sports Snooze to continue churning out more nonsensical transfer speculation, at least until the window closes. In the meantime, please bear with our feline caterwauling and blatant listenerbaitism.

UNTRUSTED SOURCES: This podcast may soon be renamed the V**** W**** Podcast.

SCHLOSSES: Sell great souvenir shortbread biscuits. Apologies if you aren't German and don't get the joke - console yourself in the fact it's so bad that German speakers won't either.

Hey, at least I didn't mention Heinz...


0:00 Intros hijacked by FAB
1:30 Forest review hijacked by Si's Off The Terrace report (3:00)
4:20 Listener Question of the Week: Yanic at wing back?
11:30 "We need to wake up" -- Caldwell, and Dan Burn feels the burn (13:00)
23:00 RefWatch: If we lose he's rubbish
24:00 PWU Sports Snooze transfer deadline ticker
30:00 Contradiction volleyball set 1: Stojkovic vs Kingson
33:00 A particularly nostalgic QPR preview
36:00 Contradictory predictions
42:00 Olympic report: 'table tennis was alreet'
46:00 Closing request from a sub

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