Thursday, 24 November 2016

Progress With Unity Podcast #185: Barnsley review, Huddersfield preview

"For this statue, we give thanks."

Bet you wish you live in America right now, don't you? Not because you would be enjoying a tax-free Thursday off work, but because you would be as far away from those irritating Lancastrian podcast guys as possible.

...Sorry for the '70s joke (again). Have this statue of the PWU crew fighting over the mic as compensation.

-- 'Part Time' Dan


0:00 Crunchy intros sponsored by Uncle J
1:30 Barnsley review sponsored by Mick's Movember Mousse with Si's From the Terrace report (2:30)
5:00 Coach trip report sponsored by Double Decker (Buses)
9:00 Davies a defender? Yanic a centre forward? Sponsored by Craig Morgan's Rum
14:00 341 passes sponsored by Lee Nicholls
19:00 À bientôt Bog Man, Jó napot kívánok Jussi (not sponsored by Mike Pollitt)
22:00 Burke is a Tic, statue for centre forward (sponsored by Parkinson's Bags of Wind)
27:00 Leeky lapels and sleepy defences sponsored by Cozynight Beds
30:00 Udders Field preview sponsored by Ben Watson
34:00 Predictions & Si's odd Oddschecker sponsored by Rod Czecha
36:00 Hitching a ride with Owen C, sponsored by Iron Drew
40:00 The Grigg mystery endures, sponsored by... oh screw it, I'm going for lunch -- Dan

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