Thursday, 19 January 2017

Progress With Unity Podcast #192: Burton review, Brentford preview

Two wins? Blinking heck, maybe Joycey is our king after all. Something incredible is definitely transpiring - Morsy the Sweatband Ranger and Callum 'The Mac' Connolly recently arrived in Lankisher with pixie dust on their toes and halos on their heads.

"But Mr Flavour Text Writer, Latics just faced the only two Championship teams in worse form at this point in the season."

Shurrup and write 'believe, and not just because that banner above the Grand Arcade told me to' on that blackboard precisely 88 times. Then iron my shorts.


0:00 Cheery intros
0:40 Matters Burtonian - Who the heck is Callum Connolly?
6:00 No public address announcement at 'Disco Burton' & #BogdansBigBrother update
10:00 'Joycey's (training) balls' & a short(s) interview review
16:00 Saucy Morsy the horsey... forcey? & A radio shoutout (literally)
20:00 "The Podcast ruined my dental work" & transfer gossip juice
22:00 Gary Caldwell is history & Zlatan Offsideovic
25:00 Brentford Beeview: Introducing Hulkington Jay Hogaaannn
29:00 Si's Oddschecker & roundtable predictions
36:00 Wigan Athletic returning to the Beeb & thanks for the cash, Bolton!
37:00 Fanzine plug, Hacker's 'owlers and Rob's wheely bin saga continued

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