Thursday, 12 January 2017

Progress With Unity Podcast #191: Interview with Nick Taylor; Forest and Burton

Thank Jesus Seba for that! Just when everything appears to be crumbling to a film of biscuit crumbs that get stuck at the back of your throat... from a decaying BT phonebox emerges an unexpected saviour: the FA Cup 4th Round draw!

Nah, I'm not talking about the forthcoming Man U v Wigan tie, but the actual process of drawing those little spheres from Paul Daniels' velvet bag. There's nothing like grown men fumbling with a bunch of pool balls to galvanise not only your social media following, but your whole season too.

Now that's (the) magic (of the FA Cup)!


0:00 The illusion of introductions
2:20 Forest review: worst side of the season?
5:40 'Leaf' it to Evergreen Warnock (hur)
10:00 Morsy the Morecambe to Gomez's Wise
15:00 Goalie gabber: Bogdan's Big Brother, & Powell out for season?
21:00 Transfer window ramble - Davies, Morsy, Bogle, Vardy's bandage
29:00 Interview with Nick Taylor, former Latics media boss - Rosler, Stam, Martinez
39:00 FA Cup (draw) golden balls & golden tickets
44:30 Delivering the Burton preview (no comment)
48:00 Mick's toothless prediction and Si's Oddschecker
53:00 More questions for Nick: your biggest mistake & Rob's bins!

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