Thursday, 10 November 2016

Progress With Unity Podcast #183: Reading review

Hear those endless groans of painful discontent? 

...That’s actually my stomach doing its best wolfman impressions.

But don’t worry - it isn’t about to throw its shop-fresh 2011 replica shirt onto the DW pitch after the first Notts County goal hits the net. Neither will it toss its season card at the Kittywake barge passing under that rickety iron bridge.

I would have given a different answer to the question 'what's that sound?' if you’d asked me in ES6 on Saturday afternoon. And I have a different answer still if you’re presently listening to this week’s PeeDubya Podcast.


0:00 Chilly intros
1:00 Reading is fun... sometimes. Or should that be 'Redding', Otis? (Reading review)
2:40 The Return of Si's Off The Terrace report
9:00 'Shortsman II' Joyce = a coach, not a manager?
16:00 Le Fondre > Grigg? And Joyce is another Malky?
21:30 Backroom blues - will they go?
24:00 "Get Grigg back!"
29:00 D. Whelan's Thanksgiving present
33:00 Barnsley mini-preview sponsored by the East Dean Club (sp?)
34:00 Walking (Not Running) Football New
36:00 Barry's testimonial year at Vital Latics!

Fartwatch: 22:30, 33:20

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