Thursday, 3 November 2016

Progress With Unity Podcast #182: Cardiff review, Reading preview

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* 2 Nov 2016 10:15am: Hacker the Dog new favourite for Latics job?! (Hack Sports News)
* 2 Nov 2016 10:25am: "My legs just keep getting longer" -- Dan Burn (Athletic Monfly)
* 2 Nov 2016 10:50am: My season ticket card is badly printed (All Latix Allt' Time)
* 2 Nov 2016 10:59am: Scottish man earns £20,000 in a day with this one trick (Daily Fail)

Note to lawyers: Loadaballz does not guarantee that content of articles will be remotely relevant or indeed factual.


0:00 Managerless intros
1:10 Bluebirds v Blues review with Statman's enhanced stat pack
4:00 The Latics-Swansea Alliance & 'enhanced' stoppage time specification
9:00 Barrow: Manager of the Week & Caldwell shockwaves
15:00 Welcome Warren Joyce, the (other) shorts-wearing former Boltoner
17:00 New backroom boys? And a new documentary starring David Perkins and Paul Scholes
24:00 Reading preview with 1,000,001 (well, 3) Bonfire Night puns
27:00 Jaap's Eye Clinic: "Didn't see that one coming" -- Mick
29:00 Suitably overconfident predictions: Gomez back in & more duck nonsense
32:00 Si's Oddschecker 'Burp'
34:00 Si's Off The Wedding report live from the honeymoon suite

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