Thursday, 27 October 2016

Progress With Unity Podcast #181: Brighton review, Caldwell GONE!

At the club many years, witnessing many managers pass through those certainly-not-for-the-stout Deedub turnstiles. Covered many kilometres across the Robin Park surface, which has been replaced over twelveteen times in that period.

Who'd have thought that Phoenix and Blue would be sacked, eh?

Well, I haven't seen them lately, but then I have been arriving at my seat five minutes late due to being too fat for the turnstiles.

What's that? Oh yeah, this podcast is actually about the axing of unpopular video sharing website Vine. Or something.

Also: apologies to All Gone Latics for stealing their exclusive on P 'n' B.


0:00 Duckin' painful intros
2:00 Right on Brighton review with flatulent Statman (Flatman?) & Off The Terrace
5:00 Welcome Yanic Jr, and a standing ovation
10:00 The mystery of the disallowed goal... SOLVED
17:00 Adam vs Shane Duffy: Social Media War Round 1
21:00 Captain Cald sent away for good! Right or wrong?
25:00 A secretive sacking? And where's Griggsy?
35:00 Who would you like next? Ryan Giggs (Is On Fire)?
41:00 Someone must be lined up... but who could it be?
46:00 Oh yeah, almost forgot about the Cardiff preview!
52:00 Emmerson Boyce in!

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