Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Progress With Unity Podcast #148: Blackpool review, Barnsley preview

Oh, my... I have to warn you that this week's From The Terrace report is potentially quite controversial. Not because of its content, but the fact it was recorded during the Blackpool game at the DW Stadium illegally!

If you never hear from us again, presume we've been hunted down by Sky Sports for recording (pretty rubbish) 'live' updates from the stands as the game was happening. And no, you can't have my matchday Thermos after I'm 'gone' - I've already pledged it to the dog in my last will and testament.

Also listen out for a brief chat with Will Grigg about goalscoring, international glory and... Star Wars, perhaps. Well, probably not - I just wanted to appear topical for once.

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