Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Progress With Unity Podcast #104: Fulham and Brighton reviews, Bolton preview

Aha, so *that's* where Albert Crusat went... (c) Paddy Patterson

It's only taken us 104 episodes, but Progress With Unity have finally coaxed an away supporter into the cauldron that is Studio PWU! Boltonian Stu is joined by Wiganer Adam and the regular panellists to discuss Owen Coyle, Coyle, Krispy Coyle and Owen... and you'll be very pleased to hear it is not the Michael variety.

Get ready for fireworks! Quite literally, since we couldn't get them to stop letting them off while we were recording. Oh well, at least you'll have something other than us to listen to when the conversation inevitably drifts towards matters non-football. Not that we ever let that happen, oooh nooo.

Around the table this week: Barry, Gareth, Adam, Rob, Mick, Dan and Stu

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