Thursday, 20 November 2014

Progress With Unity Podcast #106: Rosler out, Mackay in & mini Middlesbrough preview

'Ullo Dave, got a new gaffer?

So I guess nobody expected that one, eh? England beating Scotland 3-1 and not a Shaun Maloney free kick in sight… shocking. And to make it worse, they’re closing the Tudor House!

Well, we don’t normally have a lot to say during these international break editions (and you know that's a bare-faced lie), but regular listener D Whelan of Poolstock has kindly given us all something to talk about. That's right, Donny Whelan from Wigan Road has sent us a ten-page document of factual errors and mistakes since PWU's inception some two-and-a-half years ago...

(Enough of this barminess, just listen to the show.)

Around the table this week: Barry, Gareth, Adam, Rob, Greg, Mick, Dan and Paul T

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