Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Progress With Unity Podcast #98: Ipswich review, Bournemouth and Nottingham Forest previews

Happy 40th... er, 100th birthday, telly techs!

It hasn't just been a momentous week for the mighty Ceefax, who hit the big four-O on Tuesday - PWU is celebrating its own landmark. Nope, we haven't uncovered evidence of an actual listener, though we would appreciate if you could let us know when you find him. Nine participants is a record for this humble Wigan Athletic fan podcast, and... er, we're very proud indeed.

*Lifts trophy aloft, man at back of auditorium claps*

What next, eh? Maybe we might go a podcast without mentioning Grant Holt or biscuits. Yep, that'll be the one I'm on holiday for.

This week starring: Barry, Gareth, Greg, Paul, Mick, Rob, Dan, Terry and Pete.

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