Thursday, 13 October 2016

Progress With Unity Podcast #179: Burton and Leeds previews

Have you ever wished PWU could consist entirely of previews? Well, someone must have because the Fairy Fatmother has this week brought you 40 solid minutes of forward-thinking Latichat. Also: farts.

Incidentally, due in part to Weight Watchers, PWU are currently looking for a replacement Fairy Fatmother. Please let us know if you possess a large wand of wonders or indeed a monster stick. Whatever one of those is.


0:00 'Nothing to discuss here' intros
2:30 Skip to the Burton preview! With NEW comedy duo Max & Perks
6:00 Statman stat pack: Burton
12:00 "No Clough imprint" and beard injuries
16:00 Luke Garbutt rolling on?
19:00 Carefully considered Burton predictions with Si's Oddschecker 22:30
23:30 'Ludicrous' Leeds preview & Elland Rd. transfer history with Adam
28:00 Shortsless Leeds predictions not sponsored by orange fizzy drinks
36:00 Paul's Wimbledon victory & tinpot accusations(!)

Fartwatch: 32:40

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