Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Progress With Unity Podcast #154: Port Vale and Man City U18 review, Sheff Utd preview

Ahh, good old Tez. We miss ya!

Gooooood afternoon guys! Iiiiiit's twelve past seven here at 193.2 Latics Efff Emmm. Gonna be ten degrees out there today so remember to take a coat and bag of Uncle Joe's with you if you're venturing beyond that front dooooor.

Todaaaay's shoutout goes to the DW Stadium surface: get well soon from all Latics fans out there in Wigan Boroughland on this fine Lancastrian afternoon. Please don't fall apart, we need you for the next four months!

And comin' up next, it's the same track you heard at the same time yesterday because we never deviate from our prescribed playlists. Guh-roooveeeeeaah!

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