Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Progress With Unity Podcast #163: Shrewsbury review, Coventry preview

They’re one Right Honourable Tub of Lard MP away from being a certain Friday evening BBC panel show. I’m of course talking about the delightful carousel of celebrity guests that is WISH FM, who have been covering for the absent Neill Rimmer with various employees of Wigan Athletic FC.

Don’t get me wrong – it must be said that dear Rimmsey has been a brilliant ‘game caller’ for both the club and our local FM radio station. But sometimes it’s good to hear a fresh voice – hey, lack of rotating panellists is the reason you stopped listening to the PWU Podcast many moons ago.

Ed Jones, Michael Jacobs and Jonathan Jackson have very capably assumed the co-commentator’s mic in the past month… but who’s gonna be next?

…Well, I can exclusively reveal that Children’s BBC presenter and Muppet wannabe Hacker T Dog is being primed to commentate on this Saturday’s game against Coventry! He last donned the sheepskin coat for a Belgium v Russia World Cup game in 2014, but has been ‘sucking many of Statman’s Uncle Joe’s’ in preparation for his big comeback.

And that’s where this blurb ends, because PWU knows all about sucking. That was too close to the… er… bone.


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