Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Progress With Unity Podcast #161: Bradford review, Swindon and Rochdale previews

Why is it that Walsall don’t play at all over Easter weekend? You’d think they might have one game at least, but their next scheduled game is against Sheffield United on 2 April.

Are they entering an egg rolling competition… or maybe an egg roll competition on The Great British Egg-Off? Perhaps they’re going to see a theatrical version of The Walking Dead starring Darren Deadman as all the zombies…?

Or is it that time of year when the whole of Walsall takes time off to prune its exquisitely trimmed lawns? You know, like how Wigan has a borough-wide holiday for National Pie Week.

(I have to say Walsall’s lack of domestic action could also be due to players on international duty. But that’s boring, so let’s not.)

Whatever the reason, bottlenecking fixtures in April can only lead to heartache. The good news is that the Saddlers, like Latics, are now mathematically safe from relegation… but wouldn’t the Playoffs be just as bad?

Yes… yes, they would.

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