Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Progress With Unity Podcast #100: Wolves review, Q&A with PWU

The tea party is on hold for now!

Something something Wolves, something something Marc-Antoine Fortune, mumble mumble internationals. 

Now, I know what you're thinking: "That was a relatively low key 100th episode considering last week's big build up (although admittedly only on certain fan blogs) - where's the big celebration?"

Well, 7.00pm on Wednesday 15th October is the date for your diary. On that evening, PWU shall be holding its first open forum, and we want you to come on down to the Beech Hill Book Cycle and pose questions to the panel. Ooh, exciting, eh?

But that's not all! We're working hard to collar some special guests, whom you can find more about on the Latics fansite newswires in the coming days. And I promise it won't just be me pretending to be Paul Scharner again... maybe.

Around the rather fancy table this week: Barry, Gareth, Greg, Paul, Mick and Dan

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