Thursday, 26 January 2017

Progress With Unity Podcast #193: Brentford review, Man United preview

Mummy, take them away! Why do the wide eyed men with cameras follow everything vaguely associated with the words 'Manchester' and 'United'? And while we're at it, why did they ban bad language at farting Salford Media City?

Those loud-mouthed and bushy-eyebrowed Wigan Athletic podcast men can stay as long as they promise never to film their episodes, or indeed utter the words 'screwed' or 'blast'. They should use more gentlemanly language!

Are the cameras gone? Good, now my boss won't know I'm bunking off work to write this flavour text.


0:00 Gassy intros
1:00 Brentford review: the Sam Morsy Super Show & shocking stats
6:30 The substitute war: won by the Bees
9:00 "Caldwell has a lot to answer for" & duck assessment
15:00 Misplaced hype: Sawyers, Hogan, Connolly?
17:00 The End of Graham Barrow?! A transfer window update
21:00 Bogle update & dud signings
24:00 Man United 'Blaze of Non-Glory' FA Cup preview: won 1, lost 17
27:00 Si's FA Cup 'Final' Oddschecker & predictions
36:00 11 years since Highbury '06 & Flores on loan?

Fartwatch: 13:20, 30:00

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Progress With Unity Podcast #192: Burton review, Brentford preview

Two wins? Blinking heck, maybe Joycey is our king after all. Something incredible is definitely transpiring - Morsy the Sweatband Ranger and Callum 'The Mac' Connolly recently arrived in Lankisher with pixie dust on their toes and halos on their heads.

"But Mr Flavour Text Writer, Latics just faced the only two Championship teams in worse form at this point in the season."

Shurrup and write 'believe, and not just because that banner above the Grand Arcade told me to' on that blackboard precisely 88 times. Then iron my shorts.


0:00 Cheery intros
0:40 Matters Burtonian - Who the heck is Callum Connolly?
6:00 No public address announcement at 'Disco Burton' & #BogdansBigBrother update
10:00 'Joycey's (training) balls' & a short(s) interview review
16:00 Saucy Morsy the horsey... forcey? & A radio shoutout (literally)
20:00 "The Podcast ruined my dental work" & transfer gossip juice
22:00 Gary Caldwell is history & Zlatan Offsideovic
25:00 Brentford Beeview: Introducing Hulkington Jay Hogaaannn
29:00 Si's Oddschecker & roundtable predictions
36:00 Wigan Athletic returning to the Beeb & thanks for the cash, Bolton!
37:00 Fanzine plug, Hacker's 'owlers and Rob's wheely bin saga continued

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Progress With Unity Podcast #191: Interview with Nick Taylor; Forest and Burton

Thank Jesus Seba for that! Just when everything appears to be crumbling to a film of biscuit crumbs that get stuck at the back of your throat... from a decaying BT phonebox emerges an unexpected saviour: the FA Cup 4th Round draw!

Nah, I'm not talking about the forthcoming Man U v Wigan tie, but the actual process of drawing those little spheres from Paul Daniels' velvet bag. There's nothing like grown men fumbling with a bunch of pool balls to galvanise not only your social media following, but your whole season too.

Now that's (the) magic (of the FA Cup)!


0:00 The illusion of introductions
2:20 Forest review: worst side of the season?
5:40 'Leaf' it to Evergreen Warnock (hur)
10:00 Morsy the Morecambe to Gomez's Wise
15:00 Goalie gabber: Bogdan's Big Brother, & Powell out for season?
21:00 Transfer window ramble - Davies, Morsy, Bogle, Vardy's bandage
29:00 Interview with Nick Taylor, former Latics media boss - Rosler, Stam, Martinez
39:00 FA Cup (draw) golden balls & golden tickets
44:30 Delivering the Burton preview (no comment)
48:00 Mick's toothless prediction and Si's Oddschecker
53:00 More questions for Nick: your biggest mistake & Rob's bins!

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Progress With Unity Podcast #190: Rotherham, Derby, Huddersfield & Forest

Hippy Nude Beer, Latisticians! I would copy-paste the resolutions we failed to fulfil in 2016, but the text file was deleted along with over 10 hours of slanderous content sliced from 44 editions of the PWU Podcast.

Wait a minute, what's this in a cupboard marked 'do not open ever'? Well what do you know, it's a box of cassettes labelled 'do not broadcast ever'!

Well, guys, look out for a new series entitled 'PWU: The Naughty Bits' coming in 2017. It'll be the last thing we ever make before the Powers That Be enforce their cease and desist orders with pointy sticks, but it shall certainly be a fitting epitaph.

Hey, it's good living dangerously, ain't it?

PS. Don't search for 'Hippy Nude Beer'... unless you want to, that is.


0:00 Statistical intro to 2017
2:00 A very non-festive Christmas super review
4:00 It'll be lonely this Christmas, up front on your own
10:00 'Football Manager' instead of 'Championship Manager' management
14:00 Warren Joyce = Kenny Senior
18:00 Should they tell us what's going on?
23:00 Welcome to the transfer window AKA 'sign 'em and sit 'em on the bench'
26:00 Shorts Day 2017: A show of solidarity
33:00 Nottingham Forest preview: show Paul the readies
37:00 Best (only) predictions of the year so far, including Mick Rant Alert! (43:00)
46:00 Plan for Jan: place your relegation bets
51:30 Gareth's Last Words: an endless end