Thursday, 30 March 2017

Progress With Unity Podcast #202: Newcastle and Ipswich previews

My fellow Ticspeople! While you're sucking ice cream from a dripping cone on a deck chair in sunniest Benalmadina, spare a thought for those poor Wigan Athletic footballers suffering extra training sessions in the pouring Rainford* rain.

There ain't no warm weather training while Uncle Barra's bookin' the flights! Mostly because he can't get through to Ceefax Holidays** - all he can access at their number is a premium rate answer machine for 8008335-chat. Don't tell Sharpy, but his entire holiday budget has been spent on said hotline.

*Yeah, I know they actually train in Chorley but it's harder to make witty precipitation-based quips about Euxton.
** Ceefax Holidays never actually existed. Just thought I'd point that out.


0:00 Suspiciously edited intros (extra STEAMy)
2:30 Reluctant relegation run-in prediction pool
10:00 Preparing those point deduction campaigns
12:00 Newcastle preview with cringe-worthy form guide
16:00 Si's Oddschecker - numbers still upsetting
20:00 The Great Escape is on! But only if Wigan beat Newcastle...
22:00 Ipswich preview with Beanbag Beamback chat & predictions
27:00 Smashing League One with Super Matty Gilks (and Dan Burn)

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Progress With Unity #201: Aston Villa review, FAB March 2017

Where is your king now, Wigan Athletic? Where is the man to save you from dull football and bamboozling tactics? Where is the one to reverse time with the power of shorts worn on the outside?

Where is the man whose goals burned a streak through League One? Where is the man whose golden sneakers are sitting proudly upon his mantelpiece? Where is the man who will lead the world to the tune of 90s cheese dance?

And where are the words of encouragement from a small time flavour text writer? Well, they're lost in an overgrown hedge maze of unerring criticism and impending doom.

But Mum, I don't wanna go to League One!


0:00 Hasty non-intros
1:00 Positive Villa review sponsored by Bogle Chrome
8:30 Kellett's curtailed comeback
14:00 New (old?) managerial team & International Breakdown: Morsy Gone Fishin'
17:00 U18s 'doing quite well' & Si's Relegation Oddschecker (don't listen to this!)
22:30 March 2017 FAB report w/Baz: Beer carts, not enough pies for Wigan?!
29:00 ...Pitch drain blockages, Diversity Award, Barrow's managerial status...
38:00 ...Who would YOU have as Wigan manager? & Caldwell v Joyce (again)...
45:00 ...Financial backup plans, the Alex Bruce Strategy, outside investment...
50:00 ...Yanic and overseas streaming.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Progress With Unity Podcast #200: JOYCEY GONE, Bristol City review & Villa preview

Another podcast, another manager. Another shorts-wearing pirate cast into Davey Whelan's Locker, another panicking hopeful thrust unwillingly to the fore. Another Latics season reliant upon British Summer Time, another five games to turn the DW surface into Blackpool Beach.

...Aw man, I wish I hadn't mentioned Blackpool now - brings back bittersweet memories of last season.

Anyhow, PWU hereby apologises for wasting exactly 200 podcasts of time in your life. That's 200 podcasts you could have spent on the toilet, making packed lunches or writing strongly worded letters to 'King' Garton J... but not at the same time.


0:00 Joyceless intros - sayonara, Shortsman II
1:00 Electrifying 'Bristols' review (30 seconds long)
7:00 Why didn't we get him out sooner?
13:00 What's Coyley up to these days...?
16:00 £179 season tickets = "a ripoff" & Fans Forum refunds
18:40 Changing subject: Aston Villa preview with Villa fan Jordan
24:00 Villa to 'throw the game'? & the shadow of Shortsman
28:30 Baz's Villa stat pack, form guide & bittersweet predictions
35:00 Si's Oddschecker & Pollitt to return?!
40:00 Potted history of Wigan Athletic 2004-2017

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Progress With Unity Podcast #199: Blackburn and Birmingham reviews, Bristol City preview

When searching for M People's proverbial hero, you were looking at Omar Bogle, weren't you? Or maybe Gabriel Obertan, perhaps even Mickey Jacobs or Bilbo Grigg.

But Danny Burn? Nah, nobody expected him. The man everyone hated until the real scapegoats made themselves known. The man whose "feet can't keep up with his knees". The man with the Marty McFly haircut (above).

So for once, I'm going to say it without fear of my flavour text writing career being destroyed: I am a Dan Burn fan and proud of it. It is up to you, society, to deal with that.


0:00 Forfeit intros (with hat eating)
1:00 Blackburn review: 'the ref was alright'
4:00 'Pathetic', 'same old crap'
11:00 Birmingham review: effective game management
14:00 Obertan the New Yanic & hoping for a Joycey change of pants heart
21:00 Latics bottom of the home form table
26:00 PWU listener question of the week: which games have Wigan played well in?
33:00 Bristol City preview: no innuendos allowed
35:00 Predictions: pigeon to score & Barry's Oddschecker (40:00)
43:00 AOB: Female Fans' Forum, Beambacks & well timed trumps

The Ultimate Fartwatch: 9:5, 45:10

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Progress With Unity Podcast #198: Forest review, Blackburn & Birmingham previews

The DW Stadium pigeon UFO conspiracy lives!

Before we continue, it should be noted that this week's edition of the Progress With Unity Podcast was supposed to be recorded LIVE at the Joyce Fans Forum. Unfortunately this event did not go ahead as aliens landed in the DW centre circle, kidnapping Sharpy and 75% of the Wigan Athletic backroom staff. Then, a repeat of the 2013 FA Cup Final magically appeared on the South Stand bar projection telly and everyone forgot all about the forum, aliens and indeed where they parked.

...Nah, not really! I *knew* my Mini Cooper was on Robin Park because I wrote its location on the palm of my hand.

Despite this cancellation, Book Cycle Studios thankfully kept Wednesday night free in case of UFO invasions. Thank goodness for that, eh?


0:00 Non-cancelled intros
1:30: Alleged football matches involving Latics and Forest AKA Pigeongate
5:00 'A disgrace', 'no balls'; fear will take us down
15:00 Statman left speechless by Joyce's forlorn record
18:30 Pitchwatch, Pigeonwatch and rugby kickoffs
23:00 Fans Forum postponement: the right decision?
29:00 Blackburn preview: choosing the right games to win
31:00 Premier League players with League One tactics?
34:00 Predictions: Grigg and Bogle have to play, wild chickens & Si's Oddschecker (37:00)
38:00 Birmingham preview: Drawfest 2017

Burpwatch: 30:50